Well everyone, I am officially a married lady. What that means is that every morning I wake up like the cartoon version of Sandy in the beginning of “Grease”, and every movie line is all about my love story. “When you meet the person your going to spend the rest of your life with you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” “Your everything I never knew I always wanted.” “We’re going to need a bigger boat.” Of course, I’m just joking about the last one, but the others definitely apply. When I first started this blog, I was thirty-one, single, insecure, and I was unsure how my health was going to dictate my future. Now I am thirty-four, married, still a little insecure and I still don’t know how my health will dictate my future, but I have an incredible teammate to help me out.
When you have a disability, sometimes it’s hard to think that people are going to want to take on the stress of emergency room runs, medication malfunctions, and the stress of worrying about you all the time. People with epilepsy understand that you can have a lot of hidden insecurity because sometimes the effects of seizures can be perceived as being absent-minded, forgetful, or stupid. I think that a lot of prayer resulted in bringing me to a man that makes all those things that could easily be negatives, and turns them into positives. For example:

Me: “I can’t drive.” Dan, “ Looks like I am going to be savings a lot on insurance.”
Me, “ I am sorry we had to spend ten hours in the emergency room!”
Dan, “ It was kinda like a field trip. I got to see how a hospital works.”

I never thought I was going to find someone as understanding, but I did!

So, now what am I doing since I’m speed dating, singles events, and online dating? I started a nonprofit organization called Mesa Munchies where we give boxed lunches to the homeless. I want to dedicate myself to do that more consistently. I am doing the ketogenic diet to prevent seizures, and my goal is to go four months seizure free so I can get my license back. We are also in the process of buying a house. Zillow is my new match.com. Things just started getting exciting. Stay tuned!!!