Dear blog, today I am going to talk about some of my personal characteristics that I’ve decided I need to improve. I’ll start with one of the biggest ones. Anyone that has seen me in action will probably notice that I

move slower than you might have thought was humanly possible. It’s to the point that, when I consider my biggest fears in life, being in front of a buffet line ranks right up there next to Jenn Aniston never finding love and visible camel toe. Just think, all people behind me want is a nice slice of ham, and I’m the reason they can’t get it, because I’m standing there thinking that life’s hardest question right now is “How much stuffing do I want?” All I can say is, I must apologize in advance if you ever end up behind me in that buffet line.

On to the next set of items! I know I was terrible at dating, and I am still working on my cooking. Now that I have been attempting to cook healthy, good-tasting meals, and put myself out on the dating market (I was in the frigid section), I think both aspects have a lot of similarities. This is coming from someone that thought the closest she would ever come to an orgasm was a Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie. Actually, I still get all warm and tingly when I eat one of those, and when I say one I actually mean six. Anyway, both cooking and dating take time and energy, and you have to plan in advance for both. Most importantly, the result is either case is often very different from your original expectations.

With dating and cooking, I have noticed that practice always helps and never hurts. You don’t have to be perfect just starting off, but as long as you’re working on it, then you’re in good shape. I am a huge instant pot slow cooker fan right now. I had to get the hang of what buttons to push, how to vent the meat, getting the timing right and I must admit; it was kinda hard for me at first. That’s similar to how dating is. When you get out there, you need to know how to be yourself without revealing too much too soon, learn not to take things too personally, and just know not everyone is going to work out. Nonetheless, you can learn something with every experience. Don’t wait till you’re your perfect weight, in your perfect career, or in your right headspace, because sometimes the right person comes along and becomes a great teammate to help you achieve all those things anyway!

My relationship with Dan reminds me of a northern bean, sausage, and kale soup I was trying to make one time. The picture on the recipe website looked amazing, and I thought Dan was going to be so impressed with how far my cooking skills had come. Well, my first problem came when I bought the wrong beans. Then, I thought it said tomato paste, not tomato slices; so somehow I ended up making chili. I still don’t know how I did that, but we ended up both really enjoying it. It was like that time I went to a Halloween party expecting to find a guy my age dressed as one of the Magic Mike characters that would sweep me off my feet. Instead, I hit it off with a wonderfully quirky guy dressed as Hugh Hefner. Never did I think I would end up with a guy that sends me drawings, especially ones where it depicts me killing him. And you know what? I love every one of them. Dan is my biggest cheerleader, support system, and just an all-around good guy. I’m just really glad now that I ended up with that chili!!!