“What is your Why?” A wise philosopher once said that. Actually, it was my twenty-something Ra Yoga instructor with the tightest butt and the wisdom of Nelson Mandela. Nonetheless, it really made me think! I have been feeling enormously better after taking CBD oil, exercising regularly, and eating non-processed foods. Yes, I am one of those people now… I am now a Lululemon-wearing, shopping-at-Mother’s, little miss “I can’t workout till I find my thind eye.” By the way, finding it was really hard at first because I thought I got it removed for half-price in Garden Grove. Eventually, I found out it’s inside me, so, Namaste! As a result of all these new healthy habits, I made through an entire month and three weeks without a seizure, and when I did have one I used my magnet, and it was manageable.

Recently, I have been praying, “God what do you want me to do with my life?” I have been feeling better, but my body is very finicky about what it can or cannot do and when I can do the things it will allow me to do. So, when the genius with the man bun and the six-pack abs asked, “ What is your why?” I thought about it for a while, and now I think I figured out what my “Why” is!

In short, I want to make healthy boxed lunches for the homeless. My boyfriend actually inspired the idea, so I can’t take all the credit. The story goes that, when I would have really bad seizure day and couldn’t really do anything for myself, he would cut healthy snacks up and put it in Tupperware for me, so that he would know I was eating. Then, he decided he also liked what he made, so he started taking the healthy snacks to work with him. One day, he came home and said “let’s give our “Mesa Munchies” to tent city. The next day, the tent city was gone and it was at that point we knew we needed to start giving to people in need.

Dan and I both have a heart for helping people because we have both been through the experience of being in need. We’ve both experienced receiving help from amazing people in our lives. When Dan first met his birth mom, he was starting computer school, and he had no idea how he was going to make it. Cathy, his birth mom, opened a bank account for him and would put money in it every month just so he could survive through school without having to worry. He always talks about how grateful he is for what she did. I had great parents, but we always struggled. People from my church named the Allies befriended me and just made me part of their family. Dr. John just happened to be a dentist and has been giving me dental care for over sixteen years for free. While Dan and I don’t currently have the capability to help people get through school or give them free dental work, we CAN give them a free lunch and I hope they feel as cared for as we did! If you would like to help us on this journey to help others, please message me!!!