Hi blog family, I have to tell you about this beauty treatment I tried and loved! I did the vampire facial. For you that don’t know the facial includes taking your blood, getting your plasma, and injecting it into scared areas, fine lines, or wrinkles. I have scarring that I have always been super self-conscious about, so that is what I used it for. This facial was great for my scarring, but also great because after my VNS I can’t do any of the new skin treatments with lasers.

I first developed acne in my teens as a side effect from medication. I felt terrible, because my seizures were bad, and I was embarrassed of my skin. I never would be outside without makeup and I constantly wondered what people were thinking. I always wore my hair down to cover the sides of my face, because the acne and scarring was the worse on the sides of my face. I did a CO2 treatment about six years ago. CO2 is pretty much burning off a layer of your face. It was totally extreme, but totally worth it. I felt like it made a fifty-percent difference, and I could have enough confidence to put my hair up.
Now I am just trying to maintain healthy skin, and get rid of some of those deeper scars. I called around and found the amazing esthetician Jessica Marr. We did a few microneedling treatments then the vampire facial. I would totally do it again, and recommend it to anyone that has scarring like I did.