Hi bloggers! I have had a hard seizure month and was taken to the ER on Wednesday. My boyfriend is so amazing and relaxed about all this I made a list of things you should know before dating a girl with epilepsy. I hope you like it!!!

Things to know while dating someone with epilepsy

  1. Some of the new house decor she brings over might look like it’s from the set of Narcos or Nurse Jackie….just go with it!
  2. If she is acting a tiny bit bitchy and she has a VNS always yell MAGNET because if she was being a bitch she can just blame it on the seizures
  3. You may want to invest in a tempurpedic mattress! I seize all the time in my sleep and at first he was like “I just love having you here.” Later we had to move on to a temperpedic because he couldn’t sleep.
  4. Don’t be Ryan O’Neill!!! In Love Story he didn’t talk or Communicate. Well Ryan you should’ve said “I am sorry, you have cancer, and I am taking you to the park all the time and just happen to burst out in tears.” My boyfriend would have an excel spreadsheet of all the Dr’s and all the chemotherapies we were doing. No, Ali McGraw was just all of a sudden dead.
  5. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns! One time Dan was looking at jewelry and I got super excited and then I read they were medical bracelets. He has a concern I am going to fall which I have in the past, but I haven’t in five years so I don’t feel the need. But for him there is a big fear.
  6. Be understanding and kind! We are both new at this and no one is going to be perfect and you both feel bad for different reasons so just be patient!