Hello blog! Since my very first blog entry, my life has changed dramatically. I started the blog while I was single, trying to manage a normal life , dealing with medication issues, and trying to find my place. In the past year and a half, a lot has happened! I have met an amazing person. I had VNS surgery which helps me to live` more of a normal life with less medication, and like most people I am still trying to find my place in this world. I started the blog thinking I was going to expose my challenges and insecurities and I would really make people laugh and feel better about themselves. What really ended up happening was I pushed myself and it ended up changing my life.

Coming up with fun blog ideas always gave me new adventures to do and write about. I had some crazy dates which led to funny blogs, but the way I met my boyfriend was from one particular blog idea. I was tired of the whole online dating thing, so for a blog I was going to do the old fashion way and meet someone semi-organically. I had three ways to just get out in the world to meet people. I sat in a bar by myself, I went to feed the homeless, and I was going to go to a christian singles group. The bar thing was lonely and I hated it. I do think I got down to the bar tender’s deep rooted mother issues though. The next Saturday I went to feed the homeless in fake eyelashes, a full face of makeup, and an inappropriate shirt. My boyfriend wasn’t there, but his friend was and I guess by a girl coming to feed the homeless dressed as someone out of the cast of Cabaret she thought I would be up for a good time, so she invited me to a Halloween party that night. I met my boyfriend Dan that night. He pursued me for a little over two months and now we have been together since January 1st.

A wise philosopher once said, “ You know the way you know about a good melon.” It is actually one of the old ladies they interview in When Harry Met Sally, but she was very wise. I have always thought my seizures would scare off a guy or eventually be too much to handle. Then, when my quirky IT boyfriend made an excel spreadsheet of my seizures including where they’re happening, the level at which they happen, the time of day and included room for side notes, I realized that  I had definitely had a Melon Moment.

Next month marks the year since my VNS and it has helped so much. I still have some complications, but I am doing so much better than before! I am very very slowly reducing medicine and upping my magnet. I know I took a long break from blogging but I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I am now coming back to it. Until the next blog!