Beauty sponges saved my pore, pore skin! One of the things that I am the most self-conscience about is my skin. I feel as though I have huge pores and many scars from past acne, and as a result, I used to always wear a lot of concealer and liquid foundation. I would check it throughout the day to make sure it was always packed on and that no blemishes were visible. Recently, I was having my makeup done by a friend, and she told me about how beauty sponges can help the pores soak up the liquid foundation. I tried it and it really did change my life! My skin really did look flawless all day, for the first time ever. It was amazing! You can buy blending sponges anywhere, even Walmart for around $1.50. That is the price of Starburst, and  I would say it’s much more worth it than buying candy, because it can help make you look beautiful. I hope you get one and enjoy the results!