mary-dressmary-dress-2I call this dress Mary… Miss Poppins, if you’re nasty, because it can be super conservative or super sexy. It has an adorable illusion top with a collar and bow that I just put a flesh colored undershirt under, and a little attaching short skirt. It was cold, so I put on leggings and boots. I made it more conservative, but if it were New Year’s Eve I could just put a little bando under the top, and go bare legged with cute high heels, and that’s when it’s Miss Poppins if you’re Nasty.

I loved wearing this look. I felt fun, sexy, and girly. The best part of it was that it was only fourteen dollars at De-lux in Santa Ana. I am a short girl, so I did have to tailor it, but when the prices are so great it is totally worth it. It just goes to prove that it is completely possible not to spend a lot of money and still feel great about what you are wearing!mary-dress-3