screenshot-2016-10-16-21-46-16 screenshot-2016-10-16-21-46-30 screenshot-2016-10-16-21-46-48Hi everyone! I just got this great bright red lipstick. I immediately thought, “I want to do a great 1950’s inspired outfit around this lipstick.” I have a black and white striped shirt, a bow necklace, and sunglasses that were all very “Jackie O.” I tried on the outfit with a houndstooth jacket and it did work for the 1960’s look I wanted. However, in the back of my head I knew that the 1970’s Annie Hall like elephant jacket had to come out. I took that crazy but amazing jacket, put it on, and it totally worked! The pairing of simple stripes and a crazy pattern really seemed to come together nicely.

If you are on a limited budget you can still totally have fun with clothes. Nothing that I usually wear is more than $20 and I look forward to dressing myself everyday! I shop at a lot of consignment shops, stores that aren’t as well known, and sometimes even at Goodwill. The good part about consignment shops and Thrift stores is they usually give their proceeds to charity, and you find unique pieces. The outfit I am featuring was not expensive at all. I hope this will inspire people to mix and match patterns, shop at consignment stores, and watch Annie Hall.

Sunglasses-Buffalo Exchange 9.00 Jacket- De Luxxe 15.00 Necklass- Buffalo Exchange 10.00

T-Shirt- H & M 12.99 Boots- My mom bought me years ago but I am sure they weren’t too much

Bright red lipstick- Linda from Bible study gave it to me so priceless!!!