Hi everyone! I would like to share what supporting epilepsy research means to me. As most of you know, I have had epilepsy for about sixteen years. These years have been a little bit like a roller coaster, with that abrupt moving roller coaster being my body and me just in it for the ride. It also included many hard medication trials, disappointing doctors visits, countless trips to the ER, and two five to seven day EEG’s. Research shows one in twenty-six people have epilepsy. That’s awesome, so I shouldn’t feel alone! Well, when you’re working in a retail store and a lady starts yelling at you for your inability to process how to ring her up because you are getting auras and seizures, that’s when you definitely start to feel alone and stupid!!!

It was around this time last year that I was feeling sad while sitting on the bus and was looking through The Epilepsy Foundation website. I saw that they were having the Hidden Truths event, so I contacted Heidi to see if I could help. I went to the event and I met other people like me. It was so nice talking to other people that had the same struggles, used the same medication, and worried about the same thing. They were a really fun group of people! You just never know what’s going to happen when one hundred epileptics are at a party.

This year, I am a co-chair for Hidden Truths and am simultaneously getting ready for the VNS procedure. As my medication was not controlling the seizures, my doctors want to move to a device solution. I would not have been given this great opportunity had they not done research for it. Imagine all the amazing research that is to come that can help people like me! I just hope that the VNS does well and enables me to reduce my medication intake, so I can get my driver’s license back! I also hope that Hidden Truths raises more money for research, that people are educated about epilepsy, and that everyone has a great time!

“Epilepsy is the most common serious brain disorder with no age, racial, social class, national or geographic boundaries.”

World Health Organization