1467928371019Who do you want to be today? Jackie O, Cher, Janet… Miss Jackson if you’re nasty? The good thing about fashion is you can be whoever you want to be! In a lot of ways, fashion is limitless. Sometimes, with a disability like epilepsy, you can feel very limited in your own body. “Don’t ever forget to take your medication!” “Don’t drink too much alcohol.” “Don’t look at a strobe light especially in the Miss Nasty dress!” I know I love fashion and I love to look at the stars from today and from the 50’s and 60’s and imitate what they wear and are wearing. For a lot of people with epilepsy, maintaining a job is difficult because of the active seizures or because of side effects from medication. Well, if money is an  issue, I think shopping second hand is a great solution!

I recently discovered this on-line company called ThredUp where you can order consignment clothing on your computer and it gets sent right to your house. This is really awesome especially when you don’t have your driver’s license! I ordered these pink Ann Taylor Loft pants from ThredUp for only twenty dollars originally one-hundred, and if I do say so myself, they make my butt look like a million. My Muse was Ann Margret from Bye Bye Birdie in the scene, “I gotta lotta livin to do.” I always thought she was so beautiful and sassy. I wanted to be just like her when I got older. I went to Savers and Buffalo Exchange and got two tops and some great sunglasses as an accessory. Savers donates to charities including The Epilepsy Foundation and Buffalo Exchange donates their proceeds to local charities, so it is great to go to these places for all different kinds of looks. I got a lot of items that could go vintage but could also work for the modern day. I hope you like what I found!

I am now going to give you a tip for what to wear on these summer nights when you go out. I have found that you will get attention when you wear a tight black dress and a strong red lip. For whatever reason men go crazy for this look. I blame it on Robert Palmer’s video, “ Addicted to Love.”  If you watch it, those girls can’t even dance, and the routine is no more than step together and step together. The girl playing the drums doesn’t even pretend to try, but they are mesmerizing. They are just so sexy in those dresses you can’t get your eyes off of them. Do not lick your lips like they do! I tried it once and I came off creepy as if I might have had a meth problem. I do suggest wearing flesh colored heels if you are short. I am shorter than the average short person, so I need to elongate myself and flesh colored heels serve to do just that.  I have two tight black dresses and I have always gotten asked out in them, even back when I looked like a boy. The great thing is you can find black dresses anywhere in every size. Good luck on your journey shopping second hand and I hope you find the right tight black dress!