0108151153Hi, my name is Cassidy and I have a seizure disorder. I was practicing this line in the shower before going to my first ever seizure support group. I was under the impression I would go meet some nice fellow epileptics, have a cupcake, and go home. Well, cut to me crying in a Lyft car three hours later. Needless to say, I was not aware of what I was in for. I guess it’s not an epilepsy party until the guy next to you tells you what part of his brain has been removed. I think I needed support for the support group. Why was I so affected? What did I learn about my disease and myself?  The next morning, I was thinking and talking to Bette Davis (the cat) about what I could have done differently and what I could learn from the experience. I realized that to start, I could get a boyfriend and stop talking to my cat! Secondly, I could become my own best advocate, grasp my diagnosis by the horns, and determine to live the best life possible. Thirdly, (and this is just for fun) I could start an epileptic dating website called Seize the Date, find a man that is a diligent note taker and gets turned on by a woman who moves in mysterious ways. “ If the bed is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin….or call 911!” I will be putting my profile on the bottom.

At the support group, we were lucky enough to have Hoag Hospital’s Dr. David Millet as our guest speaker.    The main topics we talked about were surgery, controlling seizures with medication, and the use of cannabis. The main surgeries he talked about were the VNS and the RNS. It seemed that RNS is a pretty new surgery that controls both hemispheres, so people not eligible for the VNS are now eligible for the RNS.  Cannabis is now undergoing various studies, so it will probably be a number of years before doctors begin to prescribe it. Overall, there was a lot to take in, so I may have forgotten a few things. There were people there that have been seizure free for up to five years with the help of medication and surgery. The very thought of surgery really scares me, but being seizure free is a strong encouragement as well. The group definitely made me think. Do I know my exact diagnosis? Am I keeping up with all neurology and epileptology has to offer? Should I subscribe to neurology today? I called my doctor because I think I know my diagnosis, but I don’t want to miss out on something that can help. Maybe I need to check in and get a recap. Maybe you should too!


Seize The Date Profile

Name: Cassidy

Age: 32 OMG

I am: easygoing, energetic, a little sensitive to loud noises, small children, and flashing lights

What you are looking for: A man with a heart of gold that is a good listener, and great note taker. Tells me I am pretty in an EEG hat. Must be able to talk about both Martin Scorsese and Nora Ephron movies. He likes to laugh more than he likes to hike. Must Love Bacon and Orange Sherbert.