Make To Do lists for each day and week. I know it sounds very basic, but we have very active brains and it makes it easy to forget. I have seizures going on all over my brain, and I also take medication morning, noon, and night. One of the side effects from one of those meds is forgetfulness. I use to feel so awful about myself when I would forget something important…now I have it all written down. I don’t know how your medications make you feel, but mine make me super drowsy. I like that I have four or five goals for each day set out for myself beforehand that I need to achieve. Some days I am doing great and I can get more than I need to do done, others a little less but at least I had a goal.

I remember when I first came home from my five day EEG, and they put me on some new anti-seizure medication. The medication totally stopped the seizure, but I remember thinking to myself, “ I haven’t moved from this couch in a week!” I am pretty sure at one point I stared at a lolly pop for at least two hours. I eventually got to where I could get up, but I am still very forgetful day  to day. I need to do lists to be a grown up that can function in the real world.

I use to reject the idea of making lists or having a schedule, because I thought it made me seem stupid. I felt like most girls my age weren’t writing daily activities and crossing them off, but I realized it gave me a lot of security. I knew my utilities weren’t going to get turned off just because I forgot. This really has happen to me. I now feel like all my priorities will get taken care of and my house will get clean without me being in a panic. I use to always feel like I was waiting to the last minute or I was always behind. The truth was that’s because I always did lose track of time and days, so I was always behind and playing catch up. Now that I write things out I can prepare for what’s going to happen. When you have epilepsy you usually have so many doctors appointments and tests it’s hard to keep track. 

You can totally do your list the way you want to, but I like to put mine in categories. For example: cleaning, calling, e-mailing, bills, work projects, and doctors appointments. Then, when I wake up and I look at them I can see what I can do first. Sometimes, it depends on how I feel. When you feel bad e-mail and texting you can do pretty easily  so atleast you are accomplishing something not just binge watching Breaking Bad.When you start feeling better then get your cleaning and your work projects done. We can not control what our body does, but at least let’s work around it so we can get our priorities done.