How do you stay up with the trends when you’re on a fixed income or you only work a part-time job? Well, let me tell you it is possible. I love dressing for how you feel, dressing up, and dressing in a theme. I do that by being selective on where I shop and how much I spend.I feel good when I feel confident in what I am wearing. I usually have an idea of what I want to look like for the event I am going to. I almost always go on Pinterest to get some ideas. Then, I see if maybe I can put this boho chic look together using that white tee shirt I have in the closet and those cowboy boots I like, but I can go to Buffalo Exchange and get a new belt or torn jeans for ten to twenty dollars. Sometimes all you need is a little pop of color in your outfit to make it stunning. You can even go to a thrift store and get a cool vintage belt or piece of jewelry to add that little zest that makes it different than anyone else’s.

There are a lot of smaller stores that have clothes that are on trend for less expensive. I think it is better to buy it for a low price if it is trendy anyways. It might go out of style pretty soon and you’ll be happy you didn’t spend too much money on it. Nektar, Fashion Q, Style World, Styles for Less, and Buffalo Exchange are all great stores to shop at. You can even go to Thrift stores for some fun jewelry and purses. The Savers in Lomita gives a percentage to The Epilepsy Foundation so you are giving back. I use to give myself only twenty dollars to spend on clothes each week. I actually got some really cute clothes and jewelry, and if you do that for a while you will get a good collection of clothes to mix and match.

It is very important to know how to accessorize.This may sound silly but a seven dollar belt or scarf can completely change your outfit. You can have just a tee shirt and jeans on then you add a powerful turquoise statement necklace and BAM POW you got yourself a major outfit. I have a tendency to look like a little kid. I am only five feet tall and I look younger than what I am, so giving me a waste by adding a belt is very important. Watch the movie or google Annie Hall. Diane Keaton is a great accessorizer in that movie. She wears a lot of scarves, hats, and gloves. The gloves might be a bit much, but she shows how adding just a little something extra makes your look memorable. P.S. you should watch that movie anyways because it’s amazing!

You should also know your body type and dress in a way that flatters you. If you have a mother that’s anything like mine you will always know what looks good and what looks bad on you. I am short and pear shaped, so baggy things make me look fat and round. When I come out in a baggy outfit that does not show off my waist or legs I swear you would think my mother had the seizure disorder. Her feelings are deep and real and there is no pill for what she has. You should look in the mirror see what body shape you have and dress to accentuate your best features. You can also google celebrities that have your shape and see what they do to look taller, slimmer, and curvier. Since I am short and a little curvy I like to see how Hayden Panettiere dresses. Meghan Trainor does a great job dressing her body.

Fashion is so much fun, and you can express yourself and have a voice with any amount of money you have. I hope I gave you some good tips and you can start shopping. If you have any unknown stores be sure to let me know!