When I was thirteen, an older lady told me, “You look like that person in that movie Titanic.” I was so flattered and I said, “Kate Winslet?” She said, “ Oh no that little fella” (DiCaprio). From that moment on I knew makeup was going to be my friend. I have used makeup to give me features I don’t have, and take away things I don’t want. When I don’t feel well for some reason I swell up like a balloon. I walk into the bathroom and abracadabra I have eyebrows, cheekbones, and eyelids. I knew were down there somewhere. I did my friends makeup one time, and she told me I made her look like a drag queen. I don’t believe it was a compliment, but I took it as one. She went from a plain Jane to someone who could get on stage and sing Cabaret and kill it. Have you seen drag queens? They’re beautiful!

We have so many teaching tools nowadays. I love to go on YouTube and Pinterest to find new ways to do my makeup. When you are like me, and you look like a junior high boy naturally, you have to learn how to build your face. I have a round face that can swell because of headaches and seizures, so I had to learn how to thin it out and make my eyes look bigger. I needed to learn a lot about contouring my cheekbones and building my eyes up. I really like PixieWoo and Michelle Phan on YouTube. They teach you how to do all different kinds of looks. You think , “oh my eyes look small and squinty.” Well, put white eyeliner on the bottom lash line and black eye shadow underneath the lashes. Your eyes will look bigger and you will have a better day. When you feel bad, you don’t want to look the way you feel. When you don’t feel confident about everything that is going on in your life, you should at least feel confident about the way you look! You can think, “Yes I am having a seizure, but this red lipstick looks fabulous!”

You need to practice, practice, practice with your makeup. “Do I need expensive makeup?” No! I love the store Diaso, because you can buy really great fake eyelashes, eyeliner, eyeshadow and contouring shadows for cheap. The brands NYC and Target’s ELF are much cheaper than MAC, Estee Lauder and other department store brands, but Diaso offers very similar colors and they are great if you’re on a budget. Sometimes you will try some things that won’t work. I had to realize I would never look like Cher, it was a sad day. I kept trying though, and I found some other looks that worked with my features. I would (and still do) find out what face shape I have or what actor I most resemble and then start testing out some looks. It’s a good idea to get a day and night look that you can master, and to get a look you can do quickly.

One main tip I think you should keep in mind is, “have fun with it.” I used to think that fake eyelashes were too vain, but then I used them and they changed my life. All kinds of different styles are in now, so just try it and see if you like it. You may love something you thought you would hate. I hope you have fun trying different looks, and experimenting with your makeup!